Confrencea Confrencea- Virtual International Confrences is a platform created to publish the research papers of the confrences organized worldwide en-US Confrencea HYGIENIC CONTROL OF THE DIET OF RESIDENTS LIVING IN CONDITIONS OF RADIOACTIVE LOADS <p><strong>Annotation</strong><strong>. </strong>This article explores the complex network of interactions between the environment and human health, examining the various ways in which environmental protection directly impacts the well-being of individuals and communities, as well as the negative impact of the environment on nutrition. The importance of solving these problems to improve the living conditions of natural ecosystems and human populations is emphasized.</p> Davlatjonova Nodira Makhmudovna Copyright (c) 2023 Davlatjonova Nodira Makhmudovna 2023-11-17 2023-11-17 11 1 2 6 PROTECTION OF THE ENVIRONMENT AND HUMAN HEALTH. <p>Anotation.<br>The interdependence between environmental protection and human health is a critical and multifaceted aspect of contemporary global challenges. This article explores the intricate web of interactions between the environment and human health, highlighting the various ways in which protecting the environment directly impacts the well-being of individuals and communities. It underscores the importance of addressing these challenges for the betterment of both natural ecosystems and human populations.</p> Kalandarova Gulrukh Davronbekovna Copyright (c) 2023 Kalandarova Gulrukh Davronbekovna 2023-11-17 2023-11-17 11 1 7 11 EFFICIENCY OF THE DRUG TIVORTIN IN PATIENTS WITH CHRONIC HEART FAILURE AFTER COVID-19 <p><strong>Summary:</strong> COVID-19 is a respiratory tract infection and a highly contagious disease complicated by pulmonary pneumonia. This disease is especially severe in patients with cardiovascular disease. The disease exacerbates the clinical signs of heart failure due to electrolyte imbalance in the blood through direct damage to the cardiovascular system and damage to the endothelium of the vascular wall. Chronic heart failure affects 10% of the world's population over the age of 70, and in total 15 million suffer from this disease in the world. Of interest is the diversity of epidemiological data in the CIS countries and Uzbekistan. The likelihood of an increase in this indicator after a pandemic, the severe course of this infection in patients with chronic heart failure requires special care and treatment.</p> Djabbarova Z.I. Copyright (c) 2023 Djabbarova Z.I. 2023-11-25 2023-11-25 11 1 47 49