Confrencea Confrencea- Virtual International Confrences is a platform created to publish the research papers of the confrences organized worldwide en-US Confrencea ALGORITHMS IN HIGH-SPEED DATA TRANSMISSION NETWORKS <p>High-speed data transmission networks require efficient algorithms to handle <br>the large volume of data and provide reliable and secure communication. This paper <br>presents an overview of key algorithms used in these networks, including routing <br>algorithms, congestion control algorithms, flow control algorithms, error detection <br>and correction algorithms, security algorithms, and other algorithms such as traffic <br>shaping, Quality of Service (QoS), and load balancing.</p> Azamova S.F Azamova Copyright (c) 2024 Azamova S.F Azamova 2024-05-25 2024-05-25 4 52 54 “AGRITECH FINANCE: REVOLUTIONIZING AGRICULTURAL INVESTMENTS IN COMMERCIAL BANKING” <p><em>The convergence of agriculture and technology, known as agritech, is revolutionizing farming practices worldwide. This article explores the evolving landscape of agritech finance within commercial banking, focusing on its transformative potential for agricultural investments. Agritech innovations offer promising solutions to global food security challenges, yet their adoption requires substantial investments. Traditional financing models often struggle to meet these needs, leaving a gap that commercial banks are increasingly poised to fill. By providing tailored financial products and services, commercial banks can facilitate the adoption of agritech solutions, driving productivity gains and fostering sustainability in agriculture. However, this transition is not without challenges, including risk assessment complexities and regulatory considerations. Despite these hurdles, agritech finance presents significant opportunities for commercial banks to innovate, diversify their portfolios, and contribute to sustainable agricultural development.</em></p> Abrayev Ilyosali Kamoliddinovich Copyright (c) 2024 Abrayev Ilyosali Kamoliddinovich 2024-04-20 2024-04-20 4 2 6 THE IMPORTANCE OF THE JUDICIAL BODY IN THE CONSTRUCTION OF A DEMOCRATIC SOCIETY IN UZBEKISTAN <p>In this article, the importance of the judicial institution in the <br>transformation of the Republic of Uzbekistan into a democratic state, as well as the <br>advantages of this body's independent activity from other state institutions, the <br>changes made to the legislation of this body and their historical significance and its <br>importance for the people of Uzbekistan are highlighted.</p> Omadjon Kodirjonov Copyright (c) 2024 Omadjon Kodirjonov 2024-04-25 2024-04-25 4 7 10 Application Analysis of Enterprise Innovation status digital platform <p>The issue of activation of innovative activities by enterprises, especially if we<br>take into account the growing influence of the industry, is becoming one of the<br>decisive issues in the modern conditions of their activities. Today, their innovation<br>determines the development trends of most enterprises that aim to increase the state<br>of modernization and strengthen their positions in the world market1<br>.<br>Most of the world's leading enterprises are already actively combining their<br>innovation activities with the problems of Industry 4.0, which allows them to find<br>new solutions and achieve the desired results at affordable prices and with added<br>value. Accordingly, there is a need to adapt innovative activities to Industry 4.0,<br>under the influence of which the concept of "strategy for the development of<br>innovations" is formed in kilmock, which requires detailed research2</p> Kurbanova R.J Umurzakova S. Copyright (c) 2024 Kurbanova R.J Umurzakova S. 2024-04-25 2024-04-25 4 11 18 METHODOLOGY FOR DETERMINING THE TECHNICAL AND ECONOMIC LEVEL OF ENTERPRISES IN THE DIGITAL ECONOMY <p>There is no methodology (method) for determining the technical and<br>economic level for the modernization of innovation of service enterprises.<br>Therefore, we have taken the analysis of existing methods in other areas below, and<br>then developed their improved method.<br>V.I.Terexin1 notes that this issue is calculated in various ways that are<br>modeled in industrial enterprises with high capacity. In this case, the technical level<br>of the product is considered as a multi-parameter function. That is, the technical<br>level of product I, determined by the multiple parameters xi (i=1, n)<br>2<br>:</p> <p>( ; ; )<br>òèä ij iá ai K x x<br>j<br>    (2.11)<br>where: X ' i B – I - indicator some value;<br>ai-I is the index value of salinity (weight).</p> Kurbanova R.J. Umurzakova S. Copyright (c) 2024 Kurbanova R.J. Umurzakova S. 2024-04-25 2024-04-25 4 19 22 ANALYSIS OF APPROACHES TO INCREASE THE EFFICIENCY OF DATA COMMUNICATION NETWORKS <p>. This paper provides information on traditional, perspective and<br>intelligent approaches to increase the efficiency of data communication networks.<br>The possibilities of applying the theory of fuzzy sets to the functional model of a<br>router to form a multi-parameter route metric in routing processes are also<br>considered.</p> D.M. Matqurbonov Matqurbonov Copyright (c) 2024 D.M. Matqurbonov Matqurbonov 2024-04-25 2024-04-25 4 23 28 IMPROVING THE EFFICIENCY OF DESIGNING AUTOMATED INFORMATION SYSTEMS USING INTEGRATED SOFTWARE PACKAGES <p>. In this article, researches on increasing the efficiency of automated information<br>systems design processes have been carried out. Methods of optimal use of IDEF0, IDEF3 and<br>DFD methodologies, which represent processes of designing automated information systems, are<br>considered.</p> Malika Normatova Copyright (c) 2024 Malika Normatova 2024-04-25 2024-04-25 4 29 33 THE MATAMATIC IN THE TEACHING OF SUBJECTS ROLE OF MODELING <p>Mathematical modeling plays a crucial role in science education, providing a<br>powerful tool for students to explore complex phenomena, develop problem-solving<br>skills, and deepen their understanding of scientific concepts. This paper examines<br>the benefits of incorporating mathematical modeling into science teaching, discusses<br>effective strategies for implementation, and highlights best practices for fostering<br>student engagement and learning. By harnessing the power of mathematical<br>modeling, science educators can empower students to become critical thinkers,<br>problem solvers, and active participants in the scientific process.</p> Safarbayeva Nigora Copyright (c) 2024 Safarbayeva Nigora 2024-04-25 2024-04-25 4 34 36 THE MODERN TECHNOLOGY AND IT STUDIES <p>Modern technology has become an integral part of our lives, transforming the<br>way we work, learn, and interact with the world around us. Information technology<br>(IT) plays a central role in this technological revolution, providing the infrastructure<br>and tools that power our digital society. This paper explores the impact of modern<br>technology and IT studies on individuals, organizations, and society as a whole. By<br>understanding the transformative power of technology, we can harness its potential<br>to address complex challenges, drive innovation, and shape a better future.</p> Shoxibonu Kadirova Copyright (c) 2024 Shoxibonu Kadirova 2024-04-25 2024-04-25 4 37 39 METHODOLOGY FOR THE DEVELOPMENT OF VISUAL-GRAPHIC COMPETENCIES OF SPECIALISTS IN A HYBRID EDUCATIONAL ENVIRONMENT ON THE BASIS OF DIDACTIC REQUIREMENTS (ON THE EXAMPLE OF STUDENTS OF THE TECHNICAL DIRECTION) <p>This methodology presents a comprehensive approach to develop visualgraphic competencies in technical students in a hybrid educational environment. It<br>addresses the didactic requirements of relevance, activity, collaboration, feedback,<br>and assessment to ensure effective learning. The methodology incorporates both<br>face-to-face and online components, utilizing hands-on activities, project-based<br>learning, workshops, and technology integration. Through peer feedback,<br>collaboration, and regular assessments, students engage in active learning and<br>receive tailored support. The methodology is designed to foster the development of<br>essential visual-graphic skills, such as visual hierarchy, color theory, and<br>composition, equipping students with the competencies required for success in<br>technical fields. The evaluation process involves self-assessments, peer evaluations,<br>instructor observations, project outcomes analysis, and external industry feedback<br>to monitor progress and ensure the effectiveness of the approach.</p> Sayera Azizova Copyright (c) 2024 Sayera Azizova 2024-04-25 2024-04-25 4 40 43 ЭФФЕКТИВНОСТЬ ИННОВАЦИОННЫХ УСИЛИЙ КОМПАНИЙ ИНФОРМАЦИОННО-КОММУНИКАЦИОННЫХ ТЕХНОЛОГИЙ <p>Чтобы поддерживать инновационную деятельность, необходима<br>инновационная среда, а также соответствующие финансовые, человеческие и<br>тенологические ресурсы. Уровень знаний персонала, уровень<br>технологического развития компании и финансовые возможности должны<br>быть способны удовлетворить определенные требования. Она ограничивается<br>оценкой эффективности инновационных проектов, а не инновационной<br>деятельности в большинстве предприятий. Но этого недостаточно, потому что<br>инновационная деятельность — это непрерывный процесс, в результате<br>которого создаются и реализуются инновационные проекты. Таким образом,<br>мы решили провести отдельный анализ эффективности инновационной<br>деятельности и инновационных проектов.</p> Наргиза Мусаджанова Copyright (c) 2024 Наргиза Мусаджанова 2024-04-25 2024-04-25 4 44 47 ARTISTIC TRANSLATION AND ITS ORIGINS <p>Artistic translation is a form of translation that prioritizes the aesthetic and literary qualities of the original text over a strictly literal rendering. It aims to recreate the original text's style, tone, and overall impact on the reader, rather than focusing solely on conveying its factual content. This paper explores the origins and characteristics of artistic translation, and discusses the challenges involved in this complex and rewarding task.</p> Dilnoza Abduvakhabova Copyright (c) 2024 Dilnoza Abduvakhabova 2024-05-03 2024-05-03 4 48 51 ALGORITHMS IN HIGH-SPEED DATA TRANSMISSION NETWORKS <p>High-speed data transmission networks require efficient algorithms to handle<br>the large volume of data and provide reliable and secure communication. This paper<br>presents an overview of key algorithms used in these networks, including routing<br>algorithms, congestion control algorithms, flow control algorithms, error detection<br>and correction algorithms, security algorithms, and other algorithms such as traffic<br>shaping, Quality of Service (QoS), and load balancing.</p> Azamova S.F Azamova Copyright (c) 2024 Azamova S.F Azamova 2024-05-03 2024-05-03 4 52 54 OPTIMAL ROUTING METHODS AND ALGORITHMS IN HIGHSPEED DATA TRANSMISSION NETWORKS <p>Optimal routing methods and algorithms are essential for high-speed data<br>transmission networks to ensure efficient and reliable delivery of data packets. This<br>paper presents an overview of optimal routing methods and algorithms, discussing<br>their functionality and importance in high-speed networks.</p> Azamova S.F Azamova Copyright (c) 2024 Azamova S.F Azamova 2024-05-03 2024-05-03 4 55 56 EVACUATION OF THE HUNGRY PEOPLE FROM VOLGA AND URAL REGIONS TO TURKESTAN <p>In the 20s of the 20th century, this article describes the evacuation<br>of starving people from some regions of the USSR to the territory of the Turkestan<br>ASSR, the establishment of "Hungry Reception Centers" to accommodate them, and<br>the assistance of our hospitable and tolerant people to the immigrants. At the same<br>time, with the help of archival sources and scientific literature, the reasons and<br>consequences of this evacuation policy implemented by the Soviets, as well as the<br>state and government support for the resettled people and the state of the work<br>carried out were studied and the problems of this period were analyzed.</p> Saidmurod Тurakhujaev Copyright (c) 2024 Saidmurod Тurakhujaev 2024-05-03 2024-05-03 4 57 62 PRIORITY DIRECTIONS OF STATE FINANCIAL CONTROL DEVELOPMENT. <p><em>In this thesis, the concept, forms, types of state financial control, the opinions of national and foreign scientists, the importance of state financial control were studied, normative legal documents in this field were disclosed, and opinions on the topic were presented.</em></p> Barchinoy Bilimdon qizi Shahriddinova Copyright (c) 2024 Barchinoy Bilimdon qizi Shahriddinova 2024-05-05 2024-05-05 4 63 65