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Theater is one of the most visual forms of artistic reflection of life. Ideas and images in
this art form are revealed the actions of a living person, an actor that nowadays of impact on the
Theater (Greek. theatron) is "a kind of art, its' peculiarity which is the artistic reflection
of phenomena of the life through dramatic action that arises in the process of actors playing in
front of the audience; in the course of historical development, three main types of theater were
determined, differing in specific features and means of artistic expression - dramatic, opera, and
ballet" (CSIS 1992, p. 597).
According to the Hutchison Dictionary, theater is the performance of actors in front of an
audience, including a dramatic, dance or musical performance (pantomime, puppet theater) (CX
1996, p. 425). In the modern sense, a theater is any performance, including a circus one.
The actor's word is an important tool for creating an image and acting on stage. The actor expresses
the thoughts, feelings, goals, and intentions of the characters in a word. "The character of a person
on stage, as in life, is revealed not in his individual actions, but in a consistent logical chain of his
actions and deeds" (Rubina 1974, p. 18).

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