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This article is devoted to the study of the vocabulary of the Arabic
language, on the issue of synonyms representing its diversity and colorfulness. The author of
the article discusses the peculiarities of the Arabic language and touches on the specific charm
and way of expressing this language. It also contains a scientific analysis of information about
synonyms in the Arabic language, the lexical and semantic meanings that are attached to them.
It draws scientific conclusions, to a certain extent based on the views of researchers of Arabic
dictionaries on synonyms. Especially in proof of his views, the author of the article quotes the
thoughts of Abu Hilol al-Askari, the author of the book "Al-Furuk al-Lugawiya", which
provides an explanation of synonyms in Arabic. In particular, a synonym in Arabic suggests
the features of words and the abundance of words with the same meaning that they can
rightfully be called absolute or complete synonyms. He also describes "Al-Furuk al-lugawiya"
as the first perfect and serious work among the works performed on Arabic lexicology and
synonyms in it. In this regard, this work has not lost its relevance today

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