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It is no secret that the first stage of human development is a system of primitive
society it's not. The first occupation of the first people was gathering. The most important feature
of this period is to live as a team. Because one person could not keep the fire burning. The tip of
the first labor and protective weapon consisting of a sharpened stick. For thousands of years, the
tools of labor have evolved. Stone ax, chisel, stone firearms were discovered. The main way of
life was hunting and hunting of large animals. The movement of solidarity during the hunt
improved. Hunting methods are also gradually improving, with traps, enclosures and mass
hunting developed to do. In the primitive community system, people hunted together and built
houses together they solved various problems together. In some cases, bloody revenge,
homicides rarely occurred. The reason is property inequality in the primitive community system
and there was no need for military action because there was no concept of property

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