Morhofunctional changes in gastritis and peptic ulcer

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Abdullajonova Muslimakhon Ulugbekovna, K. N. K. (2023). Morhofunctional changes in gastritis and peptic ulcer. Confrencea, 5(05), 140–141. Retrieved from


Gastritis is an inflammatory-dystrophic and dysregenerative disease of
the gastric mucosa, occurring with atrophy of tissue structures . There are acute and
chronic gastritis. Peptic ulcer of the stomach is a chronic cyclic disease in which the
main clinical and morphological sign is a recurrent gastric ulcer. Unfortunately,
gastritis of the stomach is one of the most common diseases among other
pathologies of the digestive system and this indicator reaches 70-80% of persons,
mostly middle-aged and elderly.

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