Models of innovative marketing strategies

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A concept called "innovative marketing strategies" is a central concept that
aims to work together across innovation and marketing strategies. This approach can
also be related to other goals, such as creating new products, improving customer
service, and developing a brand. In addition, the model of "innovative marketing
strategies" involves an iterative and optimizing process rather than an initial concept.
At the same time, it is necessary to create automated marketing strategies based on
the demands and requests of users (customers) directly to the community.
The models of innovative marketing strategies are several concepts that represent the
process of creating new marketing strategies based on many popular ideas:
Managerial Approaches: This model involves integrating innovation and marketing
in the management system. This method allows you to develop entrepreneurship,
improve new products for customers and improve the brand with the help of various
activities. International centricity: This method involves innovation with a focus on
selling the brand in the international market. In this way, the brand's advertising and
PR strategies pave the way for integration not only with customers in the international
commercial market, but also with other businesses and enterprises.
Optimizing existing marketing strategies: This model involves the application
of innovation based on the modification and optimization of existing marketing
strategies. This method increases communication between entrepreneurs and
marketers, increases user redemption, and leads to mass brand diffusion by providing
variety and innovation. Each of these models paves the way for the integration of
different types of innovation and marketing strategies, allowing customers to create a
convenient and user-friendly marketing strategy.

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