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Nowadays, at the non-philological institutions the study of
English occupies the important place and is an important component in training
specialists for different branches of our country. The purpose of this article is to
analyze didactic-pedagogical basis of teaching foreign languages. Currently the
introduction of the innovative methods to the sphere of teaching English has become
important and has a great practical significance. The article gives synopsis and
analysis of modern tools in the field of teaching English for Special
Purposes.Certainly, teachers for Specific Purposes share a terrific deal for all intents
and cause with instructors. For each it is essential to suppose about phonetic
development and instructing speculations, to have bits of information in modernday
ideas recognizing their personal function and job simply as the function,
furthermore to confront new improvements provided as a information to enhance
their strategy in language learning. The requirements understand the conditions of
specific callings and readiness to modify these conditions separate the unknown
dialect educators to express functions and their pals displaying time-honored
unknown dialect. They are characterized by paradigmatic (associative) and
syntagmatic connections and relationships that determine their role and place in the
language system. Language units are the content of this component. Aimed at ESP
educating presumes instructing of English as an unknown dialect with respect to
explicit calling, subject or reason. The goal of teaching a foreign language never
completely coincides with the result (a student only approaches it, to a certain
extent) more or less. It is necessary to take care of the attractiveness of the goal for
schoolchildren, maintaining their sense of success, creating and maintaining the
need to achieve the goal. This requires a teacher to have a good command of a
whole range of professionally significant skills and abilities

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