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In this digital age, almost every area of our lives and businesses are
controlled by Computer code. Consequently, programming skills are now in high
demand across industries-not only for those in software development but also for
almost every career role. According to a study conducted in the United States, over
7 million out of 26 million online job postings were reported to have required
programming skills. In this study, we identified and ranked the 'most-used'
programming languages for each of the 23 different job roles in IT teams.
Knowing the 'most-used' programming languages for a given role will help
stakeholders plan adequately. Our results show that JavaScript was the overall
most-used language, followed by HTML/CSS and then SQL. However, in terms of
specific roles, HTML/CSS was the most-used language for Marketing/Sales,
JavaScript for those in software development, Python for Data Scientists,
Academic researchers and Scientists. SQL for Database Administrators, Data
Engineers and Data Analysts. The outcome of this study can be used by relevant
stakeholders to make decisions regarding careers, professional development and
curriculum designs.

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